MediPath Innovation Roadmap

What do you need to do to commercialise a medical device? How long will it take? How much will it cost?
These are questions our Innovation, Commercialisation and Regulatory team are frequently asked.

Medilink have developed the MediPathTM Innovation Roadmap to help our clients plan their innovation journey to reduce risk, accelerate the speed to market, maximise the probability of market success and enhance profitability.

Drawing on our extensive experience and understanding of best practice, our team of experts have created a new tool to ensure that all key activities and milestones are considered. MediPathTM gives a comprehensive breakdown of all commercial, technical, clinical and regulatory actions, along with the associated resources, costs and time to get a medical device to market.

Successful product development is not just about designing and launching a product.  There are many more steps involved to ensure that the market opportunity is sufficiently attractive, the device will gain regulatory approval and reimbursement will be achieved. All these stages are critical for successful product commercialisation.

MediPathTM is a flexible six-step tool that helps you navigate the innovation landscape, designed to ensure that your R&D plans are robust, that the project has the right expertise, and that when requesting investment from public or private funding there is a justification based on real data.

Wherever you are in your journey, it can be used to validate your product development plan, de-risk the following stages and allow you to address deficiencies in your existing processes.

Tailor your roadmap to your device – free consultation

The Innovation, Commercialisation and Regulatory Team are offering a new service in which we walk through the MediPath™ tool, starting from an introductory half-day session to more detailed evaluations and support depending on your needs. 

If you would like to discuss any of these stages or to understand how the roadmap can de-risk your innovation and accelerate the speed to market, we are offering a free 30-minute consultation. Contact us on [email protected]

Patrick Trotter PhD MBA (TechMgmt), Stefanie Lowry BSc, MSc

For more information on each stage, click on the links below:

01. Innovation Strategy Sections Coming Soon: 02. Opportunity Analysis 03. Product Development – Early Stage 04. Product Evaluation 05. Product Development – Clinical 06. Regulatory and Quality Compliance

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