Innovation & Commercialisation 

Our innovation, product development and commercialisaton services are designed to support through during the entire product development journey to help you de-risk projects and maximimise the probability of success.

A summary of our most popular services is provided below. We also regularly conduct bespoke projects  for out clients, so please do not hesitate to contact us to informally discuss how we might be able to help.

Our Services

We can help you develop your innovation/ product development strategy and support you in understanding markets, how to identify opportunities and how to convert these into product development opportunities.  This can be in the form of training, in house workshops or specific projects

Market, competitor  and Technology reports are frequently commissioned to understand the landscape and are designed and scoped to understand the specific needs of the client.  Typically, they either have a market or technology emphasis (or a mixture of both) and provide information on competitor solutions (e.g., technology segmentation, product positioning and claims) (either in market, near to market or early stage), and can be scoped to include information on market size and segmentation, patient pathways and clinical guidelines and can include an overview of regulatory and reimbursement considerations.

Companies use market/ competitor and technology analysis to  make Go/No decisions with regard to investment decisions, use  such reports as a means to identify new technologies or companies to acquire via licensing or acquisition activities or commercial partnerships or simply use the analysis to improve product design and to ensure product differentiation.

One of the key reasons why medical products fail in the market place is that the value proposition has not been developed early enough to influence further development work  and often results in non-optimal claims being defined and poor clinical trial design that does not gather the right evidence to improve the probability of adoption.

Medilink provides an early-stage value proposition service to align the product or service to quality indicators that govern flows of money and as such are highly useful in d developing evidence generation plans (which can be included as part of the value proposition)  that feed into clinical trial design to ensure the right evidence if collected to support adoption and market penetration.

Medilink have developed the MediPathTM Innovation Roadmap to help our clients plan their innovation journey to reduce risk, accelerate the speed to market, maximise the probability of market success and enhance profitability.

Drawing on our extensive experience and understanding of best practice, our team of experts have created a new tool to ensure that all key activities and milestones are considered. MediPathTM gives a comprehensive breakdown of all commercial, technical, clinical and regulatory actions, along with the associated resources, costs and time to get a medical device to market. See here for more information.

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