Roadmap for suppliers to reach Net Zero by 2045 

On Thursday 30th September 2021, the NHS Public Board called on the support of its supply chain to help deliver a Net Zero health service and align with NHS net zero targets between now and 2030. They approved a detailed roadmap that sets out NHS expectations of suppliers over the next decade. 

Over 60% of the total NHS Carbon Footprint sits within the NHS supply chain, so reducing supply chain emissions will be crucial to reaching net zero by 2045. This target includes emissions from freight, the manufacturing of goods, catering, business services and construction.  

Some suppliers are further ahead than the NHS on the road to net zero, whereas others have just started to think about how to reduce their emissions. Innovation will be key to reducing supply chain emissions. The NHS will continue to support innovation through competitions and awards. 

The sustainable procurement team will be working closely with suppliers and trade bodies going forward – they want to hear from suppliers directly and through their trade bodies. 

You can find out more details on the supplier road map here.

The NHS England and NHS Improvement is also running a readiness suvey on how prepared companies and organisations are to fulfil the NHS carbon reduction requirements.

If you have any questions about the NHS Net Zero plan and its supplier engagement programme, please contact us at [email protected].