NHS Supply Chain – New Category Groupings

As you may be aware, NHS Supply Chain is changing its service provider model by implementing a new category management service with five distinct categories, three of these being directly managed by NHS Supply Chain, namely Capital Equipment, Medical Devices and PPE.  This reflects the fact that the NHS is operating in a more challenging economic environment and needs to deliver greater value, provide a more resilient supply chain and enhance commercial capability (through the creation and implementation of the Procurement Centre of Excellence within the central NHS Supply Chain team).

It is proposed that the PPE category will be transferred to the NHS Supply Chain on 1st February 2023 and that Towers 1,2,3,5,6 & 8 be transferred on 1 May 2023.  The category and tower transfers are considered to be key to implementing the next iteration of NHS Supply Chain’s operating model and in achieving its long-term vision and strategy to ensure that it aligns with the strategic priorities of the wider NHS,  to bring greater value to the health and care system and make it easier for the NHS to put patients first.

All existing contracts and frameworks for suppliers will remain until any formal renewal or extension of them is announced in line with normal contract expiry dates.

If you are a supplier and have any specific contract questions you can approach your usual l Category Buyer, but should you have any questions regarding the category/ Tower transfers you should send those to [email protected]