Have your say in the future of diagnostics – complete the DHSC Diagnostics Strategy Industry Questionnaire

DHSC is developing a new UK Diagnostics strategy for the next 5-10 years, across the whole of the health and care system and in collaboration with the private sector. The vision is for the UK to be a world leader in diagnostic services and innovation, achieving great population health outcomes. This will build on the investment and progress during the response to COVID-19, so that the post-COVID diagnostics sector is:

  • More joined-up
  • More resilient and prepared for future pandemics
  • Better at managing endemic infectious disease
  • More preventative and precise
  • More innovative and better at encouraging collaboration between the public and private sector.

The strategy aims to support the development of a strong life sciences sector, with clearer signalling from the NHS and Government and a better pathway for innovation to enter the system.

DHSC are looking to hear from you via this questionnaire to understand industry’s diagnostics opportunities, challenges and priorities.

The deadline for submitting the completed questionnaire is Monday 6th September 2021.

The questions are structured around the diagnostics pathway. Please complete the questions most relevant to you to the best of your knowledge. Individual responses are confidential and will not be shared beyond relevant DHSC colleagues. However, DHSC may share trends or aggregations of anonymised responses more broadly.

You can download the questionnaire below:Download the DHSC Industry Qestionnaire

Please save the completed document using the following configuration: DHSC DS Industry_insert organisation name.

Please email your completed questionnaire to: [email protected].