Are you facing challenges with recruitment and staff retention?

Almost every business – of all shapes and sizes, report continuing and increasing challenges with finding, recruiting, and retaining the right people for their company. These challenges are compounded by:
• Delays in filling jobs and the inevitable adverse impact on service delivery and added stress or overreliance on others
• Poor calibre candidates
• Damaging levels of attrition
• Unacceptable and unsustainable amounts of senior management time
• Cost of recruiting
• Adverse impact on your brand and reputation when there is a high staff turnover or you are unable to recruit

Whilst the way businesses are managed and run on a day-to-day basis is constantly evolving and becoming more efficient, there is one area where very little has changed… recruitment. The process, mindset, strategy, costs and effectiveness (including ‘normalised’ inefficiencies) are still lacking in the majority of organisations.

However, those organisations that have committed to innovating their recruitment process have seen the benefits of:
✓ Filling their roles quickly and with some of the best candidates in the market
✓ Reducing and controlling costs
✓ Building up high quality talent pipelines, networks, and communities
✓ Becoming a Destination Employer – achieving the elusive, but game changing ‘pull factor’.

So how is this achieved?

Indigo Healthcare Talent Management – a Medilink strategic partner – has developed a new ‘Talent 2.0 strategy’ to revolutionise the way in which you manage recruitment and retention.

The strategy will enable you to:
• Improve employee retention and engagement – a cornerstone of your talent strategy
• Craft a winning Employer Value Proposition – becoming a destination employer
• Identify the main candidate motivators – and why this matters to you
• Create and execute a robust and sustainable talent acquisition strategy
• See the benefits of a game changing impact that innovation and technology can make to your recruiting process

To find out more about the Talent 2.0 Strategy, contact Steven Street at [email protected]

Upcoming Events

VIP Workshops and Masterclasses on Talent 2.0 Strategy
– free to Medilink Members

These informal and relaxed sessions will offer real world insights via evidence-based case studies and are designed to help equip, inform, and enable employers to innovate and improve their people/skills and recruitment strategies.

See how you can gain
• 98.4% Fulfilment across general recruitment, key functional roles and strategic appointments
• Time To Fill – be consistently ahead of formal service level agreement targets
• 98.3% Right First Time Recruitment

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