Off The Peg PR

Off the Peg

Medilink’s Off the Peg service offers easy access, one-off PR activity for companies in the Healthcare Technology sector. Delivered by sector experts from Medilink, Off the Peg is the perfect option for businesses looking for instant results as they look to launch a new product, raise profile ahead of a key trade show or want to grow that all-important social media presence.

You do not have to be a Medilink member to receive our expert healthcare specific PR services, however Medilink members will receive a 10% discount on all quoted prices.

Medilink’s Off the Peg PR offers the following services:

press release service
Our Press Release Service helps to generate media exposure to raise your company profile.
We will use our copywriting expertise to create an impactful press release that targets the media that is important to you.

Our Press Release Service includes:

• Research, copywriting and two rounds of edits
• Distribution across extensive trade, local and national press list to your specification
• Journalist follow-up and liaison
• Collation of clippings report highlighting media exposure.


Case studyA case study provides an impactful means to realise a detailed overview of the performance of a product, person or service within your organisation. This will then be utilised to create positive media attention and develop a stronger reputation for your business.

Our Case Study Service includes:

Option One:
• Accumulation of research of your product, person or service
• Production of draft outline content
• Two edits ahead of final content approval
• Distribution to targeted media (press and online).
COST: £825

                                                 Option Two additionally includes:
• Face-to-Face interview undertaken to further enhance acquired research content
COST: £1,050

The social media start-up service will help you to develop and integrate social media channels into your business and in the process increase brand exposure whilst gaining new marketing insights.

Our Social Media Start-up includes:

• Written evaluation of which social media channels are best suited to your business aims and objectives
• Creation and customisation of two social media accounts, including branding
• Integration of social media on your own business website to increase sales drive and networking
• A month of daily social media delivered across the two newly launched accounts.
• Advice on important accounts to follow in your marketplace
COST: £1,650


Social media is an increasingly powerful tool to promote your business to a targeted audience and engage effectively with your customers.

The Off the Peg social media campaign delivers real results for new social media users, and we highly recommend this as an extension to our social media start-up element.

Our Social Media Campaign includes:

• Assessment of your goals and appropriate content delivered for two months across two of your chosen social media platforms:
• Research of relevant social media activity to connect your company to your marketplace e.g. Twitter hashtags/handles, LinkedIn groups, Facebook profiles.
• Detailed plan across two social media platforms.
COST: £1,650


Bespoke e-marketing campaignThe Off The Peg Bespoke E-Marketing campaign can help raise brand awareness, informing your audience of the latest internal/external company developments and helping to maintain customer relationships.

Our E-Marketing campaign includes:

• E-shot template design tailored to your company branding
• Written content approved by your company
• Distribution across your own company contact list.

We will also monitor the success of your e-shot through an in depth coverage report giving your company insight into open rates, bounces, most popular links clicked, shares on social media, and details of exact recipients who have opened the e-shot.
COST: £825


Digital media audit planA comprehensive digital / social media audit is key to the success of any organisation and our Digital Media Audit Plan helps companies create a content strategy which will help engage and motivate your audience.

Our Digital Media Audit Plan includes:

• A review of your current digital media strategy
• Analysis of how your digital presence is resourced
• Consideration of how your digital activity relates to your business goals.

We will then:

• Discuss your digital media aims and objectives
• Evaluate current digital media performance, including statistics
• Create a social media competitor research feedback report
• Create a report of your digital media performance and how it can be improved
COST: £1,650

To learn more about our Off the Peg services please contact Medilink PR & Communications Director Jason Brannan on: 0114 232 9292 or email:  j.p.brannan@medilink.co.uk